We are a business shaping consultancy
focused on innovation & transformation

Since 2007, Zurich based Lincay understands its core competency as a business shaper for new and established organizations. We offer our clients dedicated services to helping them know, design, seed and grow their businesses.


Know your business is about identifying emerging market opportunities, understanding your competitive environment, assessing internal capabilities and monitoring organisational performance.


Design your business contains the development and refinement of your businesses, products and brands in forms of ideas, concepts, plans, guidelines and strategies to pursue.


Seed your business includes support in setting up your planned undertaking or venture by means of investor management, corporate setup services, hands-on interims, project or program management.


Grow your business identifies your internal growth options, such as optimisation of business models & processes, identification of organisational excellence practises as well as external options via strategic alliances or M&A activities.

We help to shape your future by
pursuing digital business opportunities

Know your business

  • Competitive market intelligence

  • Deep-dive analysis

  • Topic audit

  • Opportunity assessment

  • Risk assessment

  • Business controlling instruments

Design your business

  • Business planning & modelling
  • Product portfolio development
  • Product / proposition innovation
  • Customer experience strategy
  • Brand strategy & development
  • Go-to-market entry

Seed your business

  • Venture setup support

  • Project management / PMO

  • Launch management

  • Transition management

  • Interims management

  • Service provider management

Grow your business

  • Strategy & tactics development

  • Business optimization

  • Customer loyalty initiatives

  • Revenue enhancement initiatives

  • Strategic alliances

  • Strategic due diligence

We successfully delivered client
projects in Europe & North America

Lincay has helped a number of clients across the globe – from start-ups to blue-chip enterprises. Together with our clients, we have assessed each individual situation, defined the task required and determined the approach.

Thus, our work is characterised by a high degree of customisation to meet each client’s specific needs. If you are interested in finding out, how Lincay has created value by shaping businesses in the past you may browse through the selection of star stories.

We create value with our focus
and maker mentality

Focused approach

Hands-on culture

Value for money

Lincay is dedicated to helping clients from the telecommunication, media, internet, consumer electronics, energy and financial service sectors to grow and thrive within their business environment. We serve the big players in their segment, as well as emerging challengers in changing markets.


We believe our clients can reversely benefit from insights into small enterprise innovations as well as large corporate practices. We share a passion in the realm of digitization of business, disruptive technologies, readjusted value chains and converged products.


Lincay addresses its business shaping services to a range of groups:
top management leaders, strategists, business developers, product managers, marketers, brand custodians, communicators, sales managers, entrepreneurs and investors.


Through the years we have followed our pragmatic and results-driven approach that places our clients in the limelight, not ourselves.

We bring along analytical, creative,
entrepreneurial & strategic skillsets

Lincay operates as an international association of experts with substantial professional industry and advisory experience in the converging industries. Our business shapers come from a wide variety of exceptional backgrounds and bring along unique talents. Apart from diplomas from leading universities, they are equipped with analytic, creative, entrepreneurial and strategic skill sets and thrive working in multicultural and interdisciplinary environments.


Lincay’s mantra is to select its linked individuals based on their suitability for the assignment rather than on availability. Depending upon the particular assignment, a team of suitable characters is composed that fits the forthcoming challenge in an optimal way. These senior level experts bring along the necessary experiences, skills and contacts to achieve measurable results with our clients in a short time.


By following a pragmatic, results-driven, thoughtful, responsible and honest approach towards the assignment we always place our clients in the limelight, rather than ourselves. Our winning formula of combining focus with excellence and passion helps our clients grow and win in the competitive landscape.

How can we help you
achieve your ambitions?




Achim Gareus
Managing Director
Phone +41 78 891 19 14
E-mail achim.gareus [@] lincay.com



Commercial Registry Office
Canton of Zürich, Switzerland
CH-VAT ID 681 588

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